Here is Where We Are

I’m stretched out on a couch in Hawaii, island air sweet and heavy on my tongue. I want to put words to the past year – to pin it down, to hold it accountable – but my thoughts are scattered, rough.

Here’s what I’ll say.

I’m older than I ever imagined possible. My relationships are richer than I thought I deserved. Even if I had the chance to go back to myself at 18, at 15, at 8, I would never have believed life could be this good. I would’ve thought it was a cruel joke.

Some days still feel like that. Things still hurt and there is still work to do.

But I’m here, I’m breathing and creating and stretching myself in new directions. There are beautiful places to find, there are new people to meet, there are three thousand ways to break my heart that I haven’t even tried yet. And you’re here. There’s a certain magic in that.

Two of my babes have deemed 2017 as the year to do what you want. I think I’m going to chase that. My face is toward the sun – I might finally be ready. I hope you are, too.


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