It is always tempting to spit out stories and say, “here, this is everything.”

I’ve never met a writer who could do that, though. There are always bits that we lose to time, to perspective, to the relentless inner scrutiny. It is terrifying to record the moments of our lives – sometimes because reliving, recounting, re-inviting those memories back is painful beyond measure. And then, once you’re finished, you string the lines in your front yard and invite everyone home.

Here’s what I can say and it is not everything.

I never dreamed of having a life where I woke up feeling grateful. This morning, fall cupped my cheek and welcomed me back – to what, I don’t yet know. But I know that I’m excited to be here. I’m thrilled to see what comes next. I look at the work ahead of me, the essays still lingering behind my lips, and I know that I am heading somewhere new.

So, in short – There is still work to do and I will continue to build a life that amazes me. Thank you for being a part of it. xx




here’s the truth
I have never wanted to be permanent before you

my first love held me only by the fingertips, my eyes
cast outward seeking sunlight. distant,
he called me.

but you are so close.
your breath lulls
my hummingbird heart
I settle into solid amber – calm, dark

and sweet.